The Turbine is the most recent hotel addition in the hugely successful Thesen Island development in Knysna. The original Thesen Island site was a timber mill with a few industrial buildings and a large wetland area. The entire development has a strong emphasis on preservation and conservation. Thesen is now home to a thriving bird sanctuary and the man-made canals that criss-cross the development are home to a number of rare and endangered species such as the Knysna Seahorse.

The Turbine Hotel is a conversion of the old mill power station and is especially unique in that much of the original power generation turbines and fittings have been incorporated into the hotel design. The main restaurant is especially interesting as you have direct access over two levels to explore the turbines while you enjoy your meal. Some tables are situated just metres away from the old turbine units and create an enjoyable atmosphere.

The Location

The hotel is located in Thesen Harbour Town, which is the tiny developer built town comprising restaurants and a few boutique stores. The town has become one of the key attractions to Knysna and offers a number of large restaurants including the renowned Ile de Païn bakery and breakfast cafe. While there is much to do in Knysna, being based on Thesen Island is certainly the preferred option.

The Facts

The turbine has 24 suites designated as seventeen standard suites, six luxury suites, a honeymoon suite and a self-catering apartment. The hotel has a quality restaurant, “The Island Cafe” and the trendy Turbine bar. The hotel has a decked out pool area which serves as a secondary bar area.

With the hotel being relatively new, the rooms are finished to a high specification and have all the amenities one would expect from a 5 star hotel.

Perfect For

Ideal for couples of all ages with perhaps a little more money to spend. Areas like the Restaurant, Pool and Bar and very appealing to relax in and should attract a suitably aged crowd.

The Cost

Prices range from roughly R1 600 per night to R3 200 for the honeymoon suite in peak season. Their website does offer various all inclusive packages which are worth investigating.

Contact Info

Email Reservations: reservations@turbinehotel.co.za
Telephone Number +27 (0) 44 302 5746
Address: TH 36 Sawtooth Lane,
Thesen Islands,
Knysna, South Africa
GPS Co-ordinates: 34.04861º S; 23.048708º E

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