Promote your Property

Is your property a candidate to be listed with our growing collection of fine establishments? If so, we would love to hear from you. We have a few simple requirements that potential properties need to meet in order to be included.

These include:

While it may seem that our focus is on high end properties, we try include a broad cross-section of establishments, but each with unique defining characteristics. These can typically include their location and type or style of accommodation.

While we understand that by the nature of the business not all customers can be 100% satisfied, we still believe that on-line reviews provide a fairly accurate assessment of an establishment. As a prerequisite to featuring on StayReview we will complete a few simple checks to ensure that your establishment meets our minimum requirements.

We scout out most of the properties that we add. Should you be interested in adding your property, we have a global network of reviewers that in many cases will be able to assess your property. Your exact location may have an impact on this. Please complete the application form so that we can make contact with you.

In addition to our standard StayReview listing we offer a comprehensive marketing solution to suitable properties. Please contact us so that we can present you with our powerful off the shelf solutions.


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We reserve the right to accept or reject any application without having to provide clear reasons for our decision. StayReview strives to promote properties that meet a varying set of requirements. Exclusion from being listed on can be for a host of reasons. We reserve the right to keep these reasons confidential.